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In general, automating various tasks, especially the more complex ones, will eventually lead to an improvement of your workflow.
When it comes to automating tasks while working with web apps, some of you may know all about the popular iMacros browser extension, which, in all honesty, works rather well, even though it's a somewhat oldschool project. Drum roll effect – there's a new kid on the block, and it goes by the name of Wildfire.
In just a few words, Wildfire is a super-useful Chrome extension that allows you to record in-browser actions and thoroughly simulate and even edit them later.
Modern and fresh automation tool that is still in a fairly young development stage
Before we go into the inner-workings, we would like to point out that Wildfire is still a fairly young project. Considering the complexities involved, you should not be surprised by the existence of various little bugs or annoyances here and there.
The first thing that strikes you when starting to use Wildfire is the way it looks and how intuitive everything feels. Hands down, this is a proper, modern and user-friendly automation tool.
Intuitive enough even for novices, and appropriately feature-packed for more advanced users
With that out of the way, we can move on to its modus operandi. In principle, things are quite simple. You just need to click the extension's icon and select the appropriate option to start recording. Just go about and perform the task, however complex, and then simply click its icon once more to finish the recording.
The extension is capable of recording anything from mouse actions, keyboard actions, all the way up to interactions with various tabs and other web elements. All your recordings and their relevant info (including useful screenshots from the end) are neatly saved and displayed within the "Simulation Log" section, the place where you can also start and manage your simulations.
Accurately edit and simulate your recordings until everything is spot on
There are also, two more sections that are worth mentioning. One is the "Event Log, " and it's the place where you can thoroughly analyze the structure of your recordings. There's also a very powerful tool appropriately-named "Workflow Editor" that allows you to create custom events and quickly run simulations.
Its canny accessibility is clearly one of Wildfire's strong points but what's even better is the extent to which it allows you to customize the experience. If you're not convinced by now that this is a very well thought-out and capable tool, then visiting the Settings section will surely do the trick. You are literally spoiled with dozens of useful and easy-to-operate options that can help you get the most out of Wildfire. One other party piece? You are provided with the option to schedule simulations.
The easiest and most elegant way to automate your web workflow using Chrome
In the end, we will admit, learning to work with Wildfire does take a bit of getting used to. While recording straightforward web actions is something that can be performed even by the most novice of users, going for more advanced tasks require a fair bit of trial-and-error, not to mention patience.
Fortunately, there's no need to fret too much since the extension bundles a comprehensive documentation section. Having said all that, one thing is clear: Wildfire is a very useful extension that, with a bit patience, has the potential to increase the productivity of Chrome users by a great extent.







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Automate anything on the web! Record everything from mouse actions to entire tab interactions. Run your simulations and perform remote network actions. Wildfire will simulate your workflow and make it fool-proof.
Wildfire on Chrome Web Store:

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Automation for Chrome is a workflow automation platform for Chrome. Use it to integrate your web and desktop automation tasks. Record your mouse clicks and keyboard presses to automate web and desktop tasks. Edit and modify your recordings to make them fool-proof. Automate anything on the web!
You can run automations remotely across a network. Use network attacks to interact with web pages on a remote server. Make every click and submit a form on any website in a matter of seconds. Build advanced scripts that perform a variety of tasks simultaneously. Automate more of your web browsing, today.
Key features:
* Record web and desktop interactions across a network to automate network applications.
* Automate Chrome with scripts and take remote control of your browser with the “remote automation” function.
* Edit recordings with new functions, including editing by text and dragging fields into new locations.
* Use the “library” to store recordings for later playback.
* Generate reports and graphs for automated web tasks.
* Generate reports and graphs for all your automation tasks.
Automation for Chrome is a Firefox Add-on, a Chrome extension, a Chrome app and a native Windows application.
Automation for Chrome is built with a clean interface. Enable, disable and edit recordings with single clicks in the interface. Start, stop and pause recordings. Run web and network automations.
View all your automation in an activity log, playback and edit recordings by text or drag-and-drop fields. Generate reports and graphs.

“Automation for Chrome is a workflow automation platform for Chrome. Use it to integrate your web and desktop automation tasks. Record your mouse clicks and keyboard presses to automate web and desktop

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✓ Automation with the web
✓ Record browser actions (XHR, clicks, etc.)
✓ Record web interactions (toolbars, videos, etc.)
✓ Record tabs’ interactions
✓ Record all history
✓ Record progress and results (images, videos)
✓ One click-through automation
✓ Simple setup
✓ Resume recording in case of errors
✓ Schedule actions to run at a later date
✓ Full documentation
✓ Easy logging of screenshots
Wildfire runs on Chrome. It has been tested with Chrome 31, 32, and 33.
– New version – Coming soon.
– Version
– Fixed small bugs.
This extensions will help you to auto-record any action on a website, this could be a form submission, a link click, a form fill, a button press, etc. The extension is fully customizable and you have full control over what information is recorded and what recordings are created in the simulation log for each event.
1. Video demo –
2. Setup –
3. Simulator Logs –
4. Feature List –
Any of the in-app purchases can be disabled by going to the ‘Settings’ section in the extension.
Support this extension
If you found value and use of this extension, please donate to show your appreciation. Donating does not affect how much value or use the extension has for you. It just helps me and other users to develop more free extensions and software.
Captures complete interactions of any website element, which include all form submission, link clicks, or any other on-page activity. It can also capture any interactions with off-page elements such as videos and images.
Simulate various interaction and capture screenshots to show what happened after the action was recorded. Having a simulation log is useful to compare multiple interactions and to check for possible errors.
Record web events which include button presses, popup windows, etc. Easy buttons are available to

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Wildfire is an easy-to-use Chrome extension for recording, simulation and editing web actions.
It is possible to record the actions of the browser such as mouse clicks, keyboard presses, element selections and more. These are then saved and can be used as the basis of a simulation.
A simulation can then be edited and built upon to produce the final web page or other external output that was part of the original recording.
What’s more, simulations can be scheduled to run at a later time and repeated multiple times.
When saving a simulation, you have the option of including a screenshot of the page. This screenshot can be used to further edit the simulation or to run it again at a later date.
An event log is also present so you can analyse the structure of any recordings that you make.
The simulation log will contain details such as the user’s IP address, time and date. There will also be a list of saved simulations.
Workflow editor allows you to create custom simulations. For example, you can then use the simulation to create an email message that will contain a link to a landing page.
Basic usage:
Press the extension’s icon to begin recording. Then click to simulate a mouse click for example.
You can then edit the simulation, save it and, if required, run it at a later date.
The extension can be accessed via a list of options.
There are also a number of configuration options that can be adjusted, such as the size of the simulation area and the log.
Simulations can also be scheduled to run at a later date.
For further information visit

How to perform the Baidu search Box Search with Automation Script: –
Record a macro on the browser with the following parameters –
Title: Search in Baidu Search Box
This URL has the keyword/phrase search box.
Assign your own keyword/phrase to the macro.
For the duration of the macro assignment, the word “Match” should be recorded.
Do the search using the macro and then right click the search bar and click on the option “Save Search as” to save the macro you recorded.
Do the same thing for the next keyword/phrase in the search bar.
Open your macro library and select all the searches you recorded

What’s New in the Wildfire?


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later.
Processor: Core 2 Duo E8400 or AMD A8-5500
Memory: 4GB RAM
Hard Disk: 20GB hard disk space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 or AMD Radeon HD 6250 or better, AMD HD 6310 or better, and Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better.
Peripherals: USB mouse and keyboard
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Additional Notes:
Internet connection required to install and play the game.


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