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The 50L Series Atomizer XXL has now been ETL tested for UL/CSA compliance. These tests are mandatory conditions for certification, and instruments that meet the most stringent requirements have been selected for them. Checks passed:
HiRes Dry Aircraft Systems quality system is the main partner of Microsoft Small Business. We are very pleased with such stable results. From now on, the company is a certified partner.
Hi Res Package Manufacture Inc. is a division of HiLogic, which is part of HP Tier 3. We are pleased that we can offer our customers all the necessary equipment in one place.
The electronic ignition of the MTA III is an important element of the electronic aircraft control system (EDS). With the help of this system, the idling of the engine, its mode, is controlled to increase its reliability and increase its service life. It is one of the most important systems in an aircraft as it causes 70% of all aircraft to fail.
In general, as we can see, the electronic ignition market is very promising, there are good prerequisites in the face of high-speed engines that sacrifice the engine for speed. But even in this context, we want to develop, and we are full of ideas and plans. And our main goal is to be among the best in the chosen niche.
We strive to be the perfect choice for every specific task. And it’s great when the efforts of the whole team are aimed at bringing the project to life.
A pleasant continuation of the conversation was:
a tour of the Fox Aerospace plant in Missouri, where the company’s products are tested for compliance with strict SAE J305 standards;
– review of equipment for reducing fuel consumption in the upper part of the wing;
demonstration of the production process of electronic ignitions;
and a practical demonstration of the possibility of using elements of the flight control system in mass models of aircraft.



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