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In Snow Strike you take control of an extensive fleet of futuristic fighter planes and lead them to victory! With its fast-paced gameplay, extreme realism and highly detailed graphics Snow Strike has surpassed all previous games on the Amiga. Highlights * 12 unique aircraft and a massive range of gameplay features * 4 game modes: Standard, Online, Arcade and Freeplay * Air to air and air to ground combat * Aircraft simulations performed with a full physics simulation * 3D graphics with as many as 8.5 million polygons * High-resolution 256 colours and textures * Graphic, audio and music support for PAL and NTSC Amigas Features * A unique and original gameplay experience * 10 different aircraft and aircraft variants * 7 play modes: Arcade, Freeplay, Online, Single, Time Attack, Dogfight, Mission, Co-op and Multiplayer * 4 maps: Airport, City, Desert and Ice * A wide range of weapons * Controllable missiles (Asteroids, Napalm, Bomb) * Homing missiles * Special weapons such as Anti-missile and Infra-Red seekers * Loadouts for the aircraft such as radar and bomb * 3D aircraft models, textures and sounds * Aircraft upgrade options * Perfect flight controls * Master Control for “dogfights”, missiles, bombs and lots of gameplay elements * Up to 3 aircraft in full 3D * An extensive Techtree with over 160 items * Up to 7 aircraft in multiplayer * 3D advanced stereo graphics with high resolution textures, frames and alpha channels * High resolution 256 palette colours * Amiga Sound technology, built-in 3D and high quality sounds Graphics Amiga Games: * Snow Strike looks great and is extremely detailed, with 8.5 million polygons in its 3D environment! The Amiga and games in general: The Amiga has always been famous for it’s excellent graphics. Snow Strike captures this likeness exactly with full use of Amiga’s technical capabilities. By the way, Snow Strike is the first Amiga game to do so, and you can see the result in your own eyes. Sound: In Snow Strike the Amiga soundcard is once again put to good use. We managed to capture all the sounds of the game at 64 kbits/second, and are proud to say that this game is the first one where all sounds are fully sampled. The result is life-


Surgeball Features Key:

  • Amazing underwater adventure
  • Beautiful 3D images
  • Great sound effects

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    My Little Farmies is a narrative driven farming simulator game for PC, Mac, Linux and Windows 8 devices. The game focuses on guiding the player from village building through some basic farming strategies like animal husbandry and planting to further develop your village. The game is built with Unity and is playable on the web and mobile devices through a WebGL version. Full Version Features: Develop a flourishing farm village. Earn reputation points to unlock bonuses and additional rewards. Build crafts and outposts to expand your sphere of influence. Use a great variety of machinery to harvest crops and process them into finished products. Use basic livestock breeding and animal husbandry to establish a healthy farming environment. Take on the challenges that the town faces with your own solution. Earn points to unlock new types of animals, buildings, and machinery. Learn how to manage your resources and use them to survive and prosper. Buy in bulk and save money. Buy Mac Games for $15 or $20, From Our Mac Game Store Mac Game Store Games. They’re mac games, but they’re not just mac games, they’re fantastic games for mac that are mac games too. And best of all they’re only $15. Or $20. Well, not really 15 dollars, it’s actually $20 plus shipping, but still, that’s an unbelievable price for an incredible game. Not to mention it’s from the mac game store. Yeah, that’s the mac game store’s Mac Game Store. And you’re probably asking yourself what is the mac game store, so let’s take a quick moment and find out what that is, right here. The mac game store is a website where you can buy games for your mac. There are a total of over 6,000 games for mac, almost 5,000 of which are available for only $5 each. What’s more? Some of the games available on the mac game store go for less than ten dollars, and a lot of them are mac games. And they’re all fantastic games for mac too. Now, what’s this about fantastic mac games for mac? Well, the mac game store is mac games. So you can find the most mac game on the internet in a simple, easy to use, fantastic game store, without even leaving your computer. Some say that the mac game store is “the most mac game store”, but that’s a bit of a stretch, because it’s not really the mac game store itself, it’s mac game c9d1549cdd


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    Game “Puzzle Cross” is a combination of various puzzle genres: Detective games. RPG style games. Color-block games and Sudoku games. Our gameplay is designed for all ages. The idea behind our gameplay is, to create a game that gives you a real feeling of solving a puzzle. Gameplay and Gameplay Control: Gameplay and gameplay control is easy to use. You can use you own mouse or touch devices like a table. You can click to make a cell change from 1 to 0. You can click again to undo the change. You can also drag and drop the pieces to move them. Game “Puzzle Cross” is full of various challenges. In each of these challenges you can use different strategies to solve the puzzles. Game environments: We like to create unique environments and environments that are not yet existed in the market. We love giving our players an environment that makes them feel like a detective when solving our puzzles. We hope you like playing in our game environments. Our environments are made to feel very real. You can solve our puzzles while walking, drive your car, work, and much more. You can also solve our puzzles while walking, drive your car, work, and much more. . Features: The game has several different environments. For example: The first “puzzle” is in a Crime Scene; and other puzzles are in an office, garage, and car. Game “Puzzle Cross” is a combination of many different puzzles: The puzzle piece are gathered and placed into various environments. The pieces of the puzzle can be moved around to create a variety of different puzzles. Our puzzles are randomly generated. There is no fixed ordering to the pieces of the puzzle. The puzzles are designed for all ages. . Main Features: Game “Puzzle Cross” has many different environments. We have puzzles in different environments; such as Crime Scenes, a Garage, an Office, and a car. The puzzles are randomly generated. There is no fixed ordering to the pieces of the puzzles. This is an EPIRB – Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon Transceiver. This emergency transmitter works at 121.5 megahertz and has a transmission range of up to 300 miles. It is small, light and rugged. The EPIRB can be activated manually by pushing the pushbutton or it


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