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The Studionics Free Download software package contains the media database, editor, broadcaster,
player, SMS/e-mail, web, voice mail, and a number of optional modules and utilities.
The media database and editor are developed using the advanced and innovative
Microsoft technologies (ActiveX and C++). The media database uses SQL as the back
end for the data storage. The editor allows you to edit all media types. It also
enables you to insert or update meta-data, edit the media types, change the
digital signature, and so on. In addition, the editor can be used to perform
batch operations.
The broadcaster allows you to broadcast one or more live radio shows. You can
record over 100 hours of media files and schedule them to broadcasted on a
certain time and day. You can also schedule a broadcast of multiple programs
to be broadcasted simultaneously. You can also change the output of the voice
loop at any point in time during a broadcast. The voice mail system is integrated
with the media database and allows you to send voice mails to the broadcaster.
The Web portal allows you to link and integrate your radio station with the
World Wide Web. You can publish various sorts of information on your station,
like news, interviews, competitions, e-mails, advertising campaigns and so
on. Finally, you can link your station with your SMS/e-mail system to receive
alerts and messages when certain events happen. The Studionics software package
includes a large number of options, including an animated graphics and quick
start menu, log files with detailed information of all events, high resolution
animated graphics, audio and video recording support for specific applications,
a powerful scripting language, wizards to create and configure event rules
(e.g. for a station shutdown) and so on.Q:

Calculating the Time in 15 Minute Ticks in C++

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Radio automation software package with a series of modules, such as MediaBase,
Player, Editor, Recorder, Broadcaster, SMS, Voice, News, & etc. Covering every
aspect of operation of a radio station. MediaBase module is a object oriented
database, it can store the media files and associated information. Player,
Broadcaster, SMS and Voice modules are for on-air handling of the broadcast;
Recorder is an audio recording module; and News and News Reader is for
news service. All modules can be configured through an intuitive GUI.
Please visit:

How to use:
Unpacking, Restoring History:
Extract and save the MediaBase, Editor, and Recorder installation
archives to a convenient location.
If using Windows 2000 or newer, extract the files to the
%windir%\System32 folder.
Otherwise, copy all of the files found
into a convenient location.
or for Windows XP, extract the files to the folder
%windir%\Program Files\Studionics\Edition\
or to the folder %windir%\Program Files\Studionics\Edition\
in Windows Vista and newer, extract the files to the folder
%Program Files%\Studionics\Edition\
If using Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.x, copy the files to the
%windir%\system32 folder.
Installing as Windows Administrator:
From the installation program, either choose to install
MediaBase or the default edition of the software, then open
the mb7izexec.exe file to install.
Alternative installation:
Copy the dlls to the existing directory or copy the dlls in the
installation archive to a new directory and add the old dlls to the
existing directory. If you cannot extract the archive and save the
installation files to a convenient location, copy the MediaBase and
Editor installation files to the \ApplicationData\Studionics\Edition\
or the \ApplicationData\Studionics\Edition\ directory in the
installation archive and then open the mb7izexec.exe and Editor
installation files to uninstall. (I strongly recommend the latter
Restoring History:
Please add the new files

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Setup all required features, including the database, editor and web portal
Overview of the Studionics media database (Editor)
The Studionics media database has the following modules:
· A complete, reliable and multi user database engine
· Supports all types of media (MP3, MPEG, WAV, OGG)
· Aptitude system: show similar files
· Searches: very detailed (within 5 characters)
· Detailed information
· Display more data for each file
· Advanced filtering: support for operators
Media, files and folders
All media, files and folders are stored on the media database. The database stores all information about the media, the files and the folders.
· Organize and structure
· Advanced and flexible metadata database
· Copy archives
· Move, cut, paste
· Tree view
· Advanced searching
· Advanced filtering
· Media management
Media Library (Editor)
· The Media Library can contain all media files within the database
· Filter by media type
· Grouping
· Add attachments
· Markup
· Scheduling
· User rights
· Self service
Carts (Editor)
· The cart is the way you can route or distribute files to remote users
· Track the path and order of each file
· The cart can also contain media of all types
· Supports all functions of the media library
Broadcaster (Editor)
· The functions of the broadcaster include:
· Stream media to multiple clients
· Send commands to station services or other media players
· Record audio and cue it back
· Send SMS and e-mail alerts
· Load advertisements to listen spots
· Schedule broadcast times
· Manage clients and broadcast campaigns
MediaLog (Editor)
· The MediaLog is used to log all media playback events of a media file
· Playlist management for ‘one-playlist’.
· It is possible to trigger events on all media playback events (e.g. (pause, play, stop)
· Searching for media by folder, name, length, duration
· Drag and drop
· Multiple audio device support (adjustable per channel)
· HW/SW integration (play/pause/stop/record using consoles, RDF)
· dB meters
· Multiple messages
· Application management (pivot, send message)
· Integrated tutorials
· Radio automation
Web Portal
· Our web portal supports the following:

What’s New in the Studionics?

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? Ability to send email after playing music tracks
? Sleep Timer for a Silent Operation
? Ability to use headphones or earphones for better listening experience
? Sleep Timer for Battery Saving
Note: Some functions are not available on Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 98.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac (Intel)
Uninstaller: It can uninstall from C:\\Program Files and C:\\Users\\[user]\\AppData\\Roaming if install folder is not in the Program Files folder.If uninstaller is not running at the time of uninstallation, then this error message can be ignored.
Note:For this error message, C:\\Program Files or C:\\Users\\[user]\\AppData\\Roaming must be in the Program Files folder. If not, make sure that the install folder is placed in C:\\Program Files or C:\\Users\\[user]\\AppData\\Roaming.

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System Requirements For Studionics:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 1 GHz Processor
Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
DirectX: 9.0c
Video: 256MB video card
Graphics: 32 MB VRAM required
Sound: DirectX compatible sound device
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: This is not an emulator. It requires the DX SDK (DirectX SDK) and the nVidia Control Panel (free for Windows Vista or later) to runобщетематические/radio-gt-7-for-windows/

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