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“QIP Histories is an application which consist of a list of presence of your friends in different messengers. Information about your friends can be stored into database.

We`ve integrated QIP History Converter to ICQ 2005, ICQ5 (ICQLite) and Miranda which contains there own kind of history storage.

See our Help Pages for more information:

Application features:

– Converter of your history to QIP
– Enables to extract and to export information about your presence in your conversation messengers.
– Once you have QIP History, you can synchronize your QIP presence database with your other messengers (included).
– Ability to save your QIP presence to other storage.
– Ability to synchronize several databases through FastQIP API.
– Ability to create your own databases with ExtendedMessenger or Media Transfer Protocol.
– Racylly updated presence database.

Product Home:

QIP Histories Homepage:

Source code:

This is the source code of QIP History Converter

QIP Histories Homepage:

Source code:

QIP Histories Homepage:

Source code:


Pavlik – for MySQL support
Berislav – for Lazarus support
AlexandruCaz – for Lazarus support
Sayan – for Lazarus support
Vesna – for Lazarus support
RaGa – for Lazarus support
Sergey – for Lazarus support
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QIP History Converter Crack+ [Latest-2022]

QIPHistoryConverter is a program which converts nokia QIP’s history to QIP. QIPHistorConverter allows you to translate other messengers QIP’s histories into Nokia’s and to synchronize several QIP’s histories. QIPHistorConverter is meant to be used for sending histories from one QIP application to another QIP application, such as by sending from one pager to another. This is usually done with QIP’s of one messenger such as ICQ or the QIP’s of multiple messengers.
Developed with additional support from ~Pharminator.
QIPHistoryConverter Requirements:
QIPHistoryConverter is developed with the QIP History Tools. QIP History Tools are normally found in \bin\Debug\qt libraries of your QIP application.\bin\Release\qt libraries of your QIP application. The qt libraries are located in the same folder as the QIP History Tools. This is for normal usage. If you have bundled an installer or is still in development stage, then the qt libraries are located in the same directory as the application.\bin\Release\qt libraries of your QIP application. The qt libraries are located in the same folder as the Application. This is for normal usage.
QIPHistoryConverter System Requirements:
QIPHistoryConverter is developed in Qt 2.0 and can support all Qt 2.0 applications. This is for normal use. If you have bundled an installer or is still in development stage, then the requirement are stated above.
QIPHistoryConverter Developer Requirements:
– Qt 2.0 or higher which is included in Qt. If you have bundled an installer or is still in development stage, then you have to install Qt.
QIPHistoryConverter Developers Notes:
1. You need to install the following software to run QIPHistoryConverter. This requires to download and install the following software. The connection is done via WiFi or LAN for most common non-Windows operating systems.
– Qt or any alternative free equivalent.
– Qt Jambi for J2ME version of QIP History tools.
– Qt Jambi for Symbian version of QIP History tools.
– Qt Jambi for Windows version of QIP History tools.
– Qt Jambi for Mac version of QIP History tools.
– Qt Jambi for iPhone version of

QIP History Converter Activation Key [Latest]

The first system to be developed for this purpose was the QIP History Converter. In 1996, QIP History Converter (QHC) was released. It is a program designed to convert ICQ and JABBER QIP files into most common text files and vice versa. It was later expanded to include support for many more languages, including Miranda and SIM, as well as new features for handling other popular messengers.
The design focus of QHC is simplicity. To operate QHC you just need to drag a QIP history file from your desktop to QHC, and some time later you can verify your QIP history file without installing anything and you will receive the updates instantly.
In addition to conversion to/from a wide variety of formats, QHC version 4 has several new features:
– mIRC history file support
– multi-server support
– multi-language support
– several bug fixes
Converted QIP History converter is a utility in the form of a small application. The main window contains only a button which initiates the conversion of a.qip file into a.txt file and another button that initiates the conversion of a.txt file into a.qip file.
NOTE: You can specify the language of the history file to be converted. This functionality is located on the File / Language menu.
The supported languages are: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech and Greek. For other languages, the support depends on the language file that comes with the messenger (in case of JABBER messenger it is.xml file).
As for now, converter supports these file formats only:
-.txt file
-.xml file
A.txt file consists of a list of messages (one per line). The first entry in the file is the username of the person who sent the message. The second entry is the timestamp of the conversation.
Example (a message from a QIP file):
==15JUL11==0A:=0P:=0H:20:41=0T:2602361550:MSG:MEM:QIP:08A3CCFF=0A:MRC:2560000:ERR:10:ERR:12:12-15:INBOX:MyNick=0AWOWNick (Nick is username)
Most messengers support file formats similar to the.txt file. The main

What’s New In QIP History Converter?

This program is designed to convert other history to QIP. QIP stands for “Private Instant Messenger” and is in use on chat sites like ‘Yahoo Messenger’, ‘MSN Messenger’ and others. The QIP format is a proprietary format invented by AOL and maintained under license by AOL. New versions are released monthly and communication is still ongoing to increase the support for new features. History file: “fullchat / CONVERTHIST.CQV” (sourcecode available for download)
History import:
– Connect to the history and select the time period you want to copy.
– Select either “Copy history as new QIP History file” or “Copy history as new QIP File into QIP History folder”.
– Press OK.
– Add the name you want to assign to the copied history and press OK.
– In case you want to synchronize several histories press the second button “Select multiple histories”.
– Assign a name to the group and press OK.
History export:
– Select the history you want to save and click the Export button.
– The history is saved as “fullchat / CONVERTHIST / History Name.CONV” with the conversion date as its name.
– Conversion of a history larger than 2 GiB can fail because of memory problems. QIP histories larger than 2 GiB cannot be exported.
– Input QIP Histories must use the same parameters as the input History.
– Some features of the converters such as the Organizer functions will not work in the imported files and others may require some renaming.
For further information and to contact the author you can visit www.qip-converter.com
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System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c
DirectX: Version 9.0c
CPU: Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM or more
Hard Disk: 3 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes: This application will work with PAL or NTSC
Version: 1.00


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