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PidginDS is a Google Desktop Indexing plugin for Pidgin. It registers IM events directly when generated (without log parsing) and it’s written in C.
Give it a try and see what it is capable of!







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It can index any event (especially IM events) you are currently sending. For each IM you are sending it stores in a database in the Pidgin database if it is possible (this is customizable by the configurator) it will be possible to search again the indexed IM in the next days or weeks.
Try the Google Desktop Search module now and see how easy it is to organize your text/IM/files!
How to enable PidginDS:

Download and extract file you just downloaded.
Open the “Configurator” Folder and click on “”.
Click on “Install”
PidginDS will be installed.

How to use PidginDS:

To use PidginDS, you must edit the configuration files before you can use it. First of all, make a backup of the files before you edit them! Then, edit the following files:
If you already have data being indexed, delete the old data.
This file can contain spaces, so please be careful when editing. In this case, you don’t need to do anything, because it will be interpreted by the program.

About the PidginDS sources:

I found the principal sources for PidginDS:

This is the source for the google desktop modules, especially google desktop websearch and google desktop images.

This is the source for the google desktop search module.

This is the source for the google desktop search modules.

Couple of warnings:

How to install the PidginDS sources:

1) For the Google Desktop, you need to compile the sources, if you don’t know how to, just install the google desktop sources.
2) For PidginDS, you need to compile the source, because there is not a binary.

If there is a feedback or just a comment, feel free to contact me.

thanks for the great project. I am missing some indexes for IMs and folders. I thought indexing would happen immediately but it seems to occur when an IM is received. Can it be configured to index IMs and

PidginDS [Win/Mac]

“A Google Desktop plugin for Pidgin that automates content, search indexing, and searching of your Gmail conversations without you even having to do anything! You can even set up messages to automatically index for you.”
How to install PidginDS Free Download?
Install PidginDS (.dmg) via Google Desktop.
After installation, open Applications/Google Desktop/Preferences/Plugins/ to add PidginDS.
How to configure PidginDS?
To add a new IM event, enter a text string in the IM type field. The IM type must be configured in For example, the string “searching for” is a valid IM event for a search term.
To associate an IM event with a new Pidgin conversation, select an IM type from the IM type drop-down menu in the PidginDS settings. For example, select “searching for”.
To associate a new IM event with a Gmail conversation, select a Gmail conversation from the Conversations drop-down menu in the PidginDS settings.
To associate a new IM event with an RSS feed, select an RSS reader.
To associate a new IM event with an event, select an event from the events drop-down menu in the PidginDS settings.
To associate a new IM event with an IM, select an IM from the IMs drop-down menu in the PidginDS settings.
To change the IM type to which a PidginDS event will be associated, select an IM type from the IM type drop-down menu in the PidginDS settings.
How do I remove PidginDS?
To remove PidginDS, delete the PidginDS folder.

Google Desktop 3.2 adds some tweaks to the IM Logging and IM Indexing settings of PidginDS.
– IM Logging can now be optionally linked to the Local Settings option of the Accounts section in the local.GoogleDesktop directory.
– IM Indexing now captures IMs in Private Threads (i.e. IMs on their own separate thread from the group IMs).
– The IMs of a Private IM Thread will be captured at IMDB time.
PidginDS 3.2 Release Logs:
o Version: 3.2
o IMDB Build: 27344
o NOTE: LocalSettings will be enabled in Google

PidginDS Crack + Free Registration Code Free

PidginDS is a Google Desktop Indexing plugin for Pidgin.
This plugin is designed to automate the actions associated with the event “Google Desktop Indexing”. Google Desktop indexing is a service provided by the Google search bar, through the use of HTML5 powered Google desktop. Once a picture is shared, Google desktop will search the image in the google search bar.

This plugin is for Pidgin 2.10 and later.​
Known Issues:

Google Desktop Indexing is only implemented on Windows and Mac, but it doesn’t use Linux or Unix file:// protocol.

The File list is displayed as a Google file list, instead of a regular file list as on Windows.

The File list only supports whole files, not file names.

If your picture is saved with a non-standard extension (such as.jpg or.png) or if it has an embedded exif data, this could result in a “bad file” error during indexing.

How to Install:

If you are using Windows, you must make sure to have the latest version of MSVCP140.dll or higher.

If you are using Windows, you must use.NET 4.0 or higher to download this plugin, as the previous versions of.NET don’t work.

Windows users can use the following command to update the MSVCP140.dll file:

Open the following link and follow the instructions, as this plugin is not compatible with older versions of Pidgin.

All you need to do is to download this plugin (available for 32bit and 64bit), and open the downloaded file with your preferred application (for example WinRAR, if you download the files directly from the official site).

Important note: You must unzip this plugin when the extension “.exe” is not in its name.

Win32 users can download the 64bit plugin, which contains the default configuration file.

Win64 users must download the 32bit plugin (with “.exe” extension) to be able to use the plugin.

Mac users must download the plugin for OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher, which is named “Google Desktop Indexing”. It’s also available for a more recent Mac version.

Unix users can download the plugin for all Linux distributions.

How to use the plugin:

To be able to use the plugin, you must

What’s New in the PidginDS?

PidginDS is a plugin that registers IM events directly when generated. PidginDS
is written in C using the Libevent library and then compiled into an extension
for Pidgin.
With PidginDS installed, Pidgin will register events for new chat windows, new
IM services, new accounts, etc.
You can configure up to 30 fields to search by in each Pidgin dialog. By default,
it uses Pidgin’s own built-in search engine, but you can also use other open
or closed-source IM clients and search engines, or even build your own.
The plugin is fully customizable. See the below screenshot for an example.
PidginDS options:
The options are configurable using the PidginDS Options dialog. See the
PidginDS settings page for a quick tour on how to use the Options dialog.
Here is an example of how the PidginDS options dialog looks like:
* The left side of the Options dialog, is basically a search box. If you click
on the field you want to search in, the right side of the Options dialog will
show up. This is the same as the Pidgin Options dialog but with a more compact
layout (see below).
* The right side of the Options dialog shows you all your fields and their
* The bottom of the dialog lists all the supported search engines.
* The top of the dialog is configurable. You can show/hide the field labels.
* You can set the search engine to use up to 30 fields from all the IM services
available in Pidgin. So if you want to have all your IM services’ users listed
in your search results (e.g. jabber only, live msn only, etc.), you can use up
to 30 fields from all your IM services and search all the indexed IM services
(e.g. jabber, icq, msn, etc).
* You can configure a new default search engine (unless you have already chosen
one in the Pidgin Preferences dialog). Default search engines are registered
at the end of the Options dialog.
Supported IM services:
Currently supported IM services:
* Pidgin
* Yahoo!
* GoogleTalk
* Jabber
* Yahoo! Mail
* MS

System Requirements:

For Mac OS X 10.9.1 and 10.9.5
For 10.7
That said, it is still a very good game. It had
technical issues, but after playing more than 10 hours in a week,
I could not say I disliked the game.
I recommend it to all players, especially if you like Japanese pop culture or
ones that evoke the Old-school days.
If you are interested in a new version of this game, please read the
notes at the

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