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Migrating from traditional Photoshop to Elements might be a bit complicated and you might need some familiarity with the Adobe Bridge. But once you start using Elements, you might find it invaluable for graphics editing. In this tutorial, I will show you the basic tasks you need to perform to use Photoshop Elements to create an image like this: Elements options Start by opening a new file in Photoshop and creating a grayscale 32px by 32px image. The image has a dark grey color and no colored channels. Next, place an image of any size in Photoshop and zoom out in all directions. Duplicate the image and slightly move it so that it is over the original. In the Info window, change the bit depth to 16 bit linear. Select the colored channels in the original image and convert it to grayscale. Click on the default black and white icon, in the top right corner of the new image. We are ready to start editing the image. This is the basic interface Elements has by default. To the right of the screen is the image you selected. The image is displayed in the main window and you can either resize or crop it to get a desired image size. Next, take the Move tool. Locate the original image. Place the Move tool over it and click. The original image is moved to the new one. This helps you keep the image proportions correct. In the Options bar, change the scroll speed to 200. You can also change the smoothness and Zoom level. Refine the images We are going to use the Lasso tool to select areas in the image where we want to refine the color. Select the Lasso tool, and click on the image. The Lasso tool will be shown with an initial size. Take a mouse click anywhere to create a new selection. Left click on an area in the image to add it to the selection, right click to remove it. Use the Lasso tool to select an area to refine the color. To remove the original color from the selection, hold Shift while drawing a selection. Refine the selection by clicking on the area and then Shift-Click another area. Take some time to get familiar with Elements. Click on the Crop tool, and move the crops around a681f4349e

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Blockchain is reshaping the global financial world and forcing many veteran institutions to reevaluate their management of customers’ account data. In what is a high-profile example of customer data being stored with private-cloud providers, the Co-operative Bank has revealed that more than 300,000 customers are now stored in Amazon’s UK cloud. The bank said it was moving to the service after it struck a deal with the firm to stop storing its data with its brand-new own-brand data centre. The switch announced this month was not made lightly, with Co-op’s then chief executive, Euan Sutherland, saying: “We assessed all our cloud providers with the sole aim of delivering the best fit for our customers, staff and company, and this decision was taken by all of us in the best interests of our customers. “We recognise that some customers may take particular comfort from the fact that their data will not be hosted in mainland China, so the choice was far from easy, but we are confident that this is the right decision.” Data security is one of the main concerns of customers, as well as regulators, but, in the wake of the Facebook scandal, customers had become extremely wary about their personal information and are regularly opting to switch data providers. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data scandal has led to a barrage of requests for data removal, and a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission as well as a class action lawsuit. Both Facebook and the other platforms warned customers about the risks of sharing their personal data with their friends. In the case of the Co-op, its data was stored with Amazon in London, following separate deals signed earlier this year. The bank had been providing customers with online services since 2013, and the announcement that it would be shutting down its own-brand data centre came in December. Around 300,000 Co-op customers had already been switched to Amazon’s cloud by late April, in what Amazon told the Financial Conduct Authority in February it would be doing the following month. Amazon is the fastest-growing cloud platform, overtaking Microsoft Azure, which was the market leader before a cloud computing deal between Amazon and Microsoft was struck in 2012. Amazon typically offers its AWS services, including its cloud service, at a discount. AWS is the world’s largest and one of the most competitive cloud services, with more than 5 million customers,

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