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* Photoshop: The Complete Book, Third Edition (Wiley): Covering all the basics and many advanced techniques, this is the best book for both beginner and experienced photographers.
* Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers, Second Edition (Wiley): A solid upgrade from the First Edition and ideal for intermediate and advanced users who want to use the latest Photoshop software but don’t want to go back to ancient versions of Photoshop.
* Photoshop Elements 6 for Digital Photographers (Wiley): Though less expensive than Photoshop, you get the same Photoshop content for less money and have the added value of tutorials to learn Photoshop techniques.
* Photoshop Express for Digital Photographers (Wiley): A great tool to start out with, Photoshop Express is free, which gives beginners a chance to get started and experiment.
* Photoshop Lightroom: The Essential Photography Book (here): A good overview of Lightroom editing software and its features.

Downloading and Using Photoshop

Get the latest version of Photoshop for Macintosh (CS6 and later) from the Adobe web site at For other platforms, check the Adobe Help menu to find it.

After you download the software, start it up for the first time and you’ll see a Welcome screen with various items covered in a window called the Adobe Photoshop Welcome Center.

You can make changes to the account settings that you’re using with Photoshop and immediately log in with a different account.

Hold the Option/Alt key down while you click the Photoshop icon on the Dock to choose Photoshop. If you’re working in Photoshop Classic, you can open Photoshop by double-clicking the Photoshop file.

The first time you start Photoshop, it asks for your permission to launch all its program files, which includes several plug-ins, over your Internet connection.

Before you launch Photoshop, you also get an initial splash screen, which will look like Figure 8-1. The splash screen enables you to display all the icons for Photoshop.

Illustration by Wiley, Composition Services

**Figure 8-1:** The Photoshop splash screen.

You also get a Log In screen. Click the Log In screen.

After you log in, you see the Welcome Center, which is displayed in Figure 8-2.

Illustration by Wiley, Composition Services

**Figure 8-2:** The welcome screen.

The Welcome Center gives you a quick update on

Photoshop 2021 (version 22) License Key Full [Latest-2022]

There are many free tutorials, course, and videos to help you learn how to use Photoshop elements effectively.

What is Photoshop Elements Used For?

People use Photoshop to edit photographs using the program’s bulk photo editing features.

Elements provides a slightly simpler user interface to facilitate all the photographic editing functions.

Our team of professionals use the software for scrapbooking, design, and other creative projects.

Here are some of the most popular Photoshop Elements users:


Graphic artists

Web designers

Emoji creators

Meal planners

Business people


Online gamers


Web 2.0 designers

Software developers

Artist / graphic designers


Elements is a great all-around photo editing program for casual users. It doesn’t compete with professional tools such as Adobe Photoshop in terms of features but it provides most of the features in a simpler interface.

Like the Photoshop classic version, Photoshop Elements features bulk photo editing and includes useful tools such as:

Image Filters

Tool Sheets

Image adjustment tools

Paint brushes,


Image Straightening tools

Text tools

Free animated GIF creation (GIFs)

Animation tools

Slideshow tools

Hand tools

Stroke selection tools

Color design and most of the basic color tools

Better color management options than Photoshop

More than enough choices to help you create the image you want

In the following images, you can see the differences in editing between the program and Photoshop, and which features you should use.

Best Essentials Tools:

The Elements team and our pros have compiled a list of the best photo editing tools available in Photoshop elements.


Elements contains basic tools for applying filters to your images. For example, you can crop photos with one of the predefined rectangle selections, or you can use the lasso tool to apply filters to specific areas.

Best Filters:

The best filters for beginners are the ones that let you create attractive, eye-catching images without overwhelming the user with too many features. Elements has many good filters that perform well and can give you some ideas on how to use the program.

The grunge filter is one of the most popular filters for its eye-catching artistic effects

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I get a response from a database containing:
“The password file is:

in the following:


When I store this to a variable:
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Then try to echo it out:
echo $secure_pw;

It displays:
The password file is:
in the following:
This is not working

Everything looks good up until it gets to the closing tag for the a element. When it gets to that tag it removes the new line and so the closing becomes part of the string. Is there anyway I can prevent this?


Your input is fine. You appear to be reading the contents of a text file into a variable. However, the problem is that the text file contains a single unencoded quote (‘) which PHP has also escaped for you. To solve this, simply replace all backslashes (\) with single quotes (”) before saving the string in the text file.

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Intel i3-7100 3.6 GHz
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