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Ole IRC Client 2.11.4 Crack Free Download 2022

* Connect to multiple servers simultaneously, including IRC, MDNet, and VMWare.

* Chat with multiple online users at the same time

* Listening to YouTube and any other online streaming videos

* Connecting to many shoutcast stations and controlling them.

* See who is online and away and what they are doing

* Support for sending files and YouTube videos between users.

Supported Servers

IRC: Freenode, Efnet, Omegle, Dreamwidth, Sexyladyland, Warp.

MDNet: ChaosNET, HamaNet, PegasiNet, LoHNet, ArasNet, Gamnet, NeroNet, BitEcho.

Other: VMWare, ASL, WinGate, Antisocial Network, GxNet

Streaming audio: listen to YouTube videos with this app and shoutcast stations, shoutcast streams and music streams.


To connect to a server simply go to the servers page, choose server, then wait until it connects. If it takes more than a few seconds, just keep patience and wait. Also note if the server opens up a new window or puts the window on top of the current one.

If you want to connect to multiple servers at the same time you can use the Multi Server mode. Simply choose it from the General Settings -> Multi Server page.

You can also create your own shoutcast station from the server list, go to the server settings to find out how.

You can also, of course, manage your own server list and the user list from the servers page.


You can access the media player from the servers window.


You can see all currently connected users from the user list.

You can also put your name on the user list.

To do this from the servers window go to the General Settings -> User List page.

You can also directly join the channel on the server. From the servers window simply go to the channel settings.

If you want to join a channel on a server that is not listed in the servers list, you can add it through the server list.

If you want to connect to the server through another server, you can go to the servers page and go to the server of the server of the server, then go to the channels page.

You can also access to the users page

Ole IRC Client 2.11.4 Crack+

– supports Windows 7/8/10 and later
– support various shoutcast servers
– support different protocols for popular chat and/or video-streaming platforms
– support audio and video streaming directly from YouTube
– support audio and video streaming from an external url
– Supports multiple tabs within the client
– Supports Dropbox integration and integration with iTunes and other cloud services
– Supports GAPI authentication with no extra plugins
– You can extract.zip files through our custom built-in zip manager
– You can extract.rar files through our custom built-in rar manager
– You can play video from local drives
– You can watch videos or listen to music through shoutcast stations
– You can watch YouTube videos through shoutcast stations
– You can open your YouTube playlist from the shoutcast stations
– You can share videos or songs on YouTube with own keywords to quickly find your video or song
– You can create your own shoutcast stations
– You can access to your TeamViewer remote access sessions through Ole
– You can access your Skype remote access sessions through Ole
– You can enjoy YouTube videos, music and anything you want with Ole IRC Client
– You can use features you love from old days like getting connected automatically, getting notified by Skype and/or Hangouts of new messages, being able to receive text messages, chat with everyone from Twitter, Facebook and Skype at the same time and sending and receiving files
– You can import all your configurations, usernames, passwords, plugins, scripts, favorites to restore instantly
– You can use more than one Ole IRC Client simultaneously
– You can use shortcuts to connect to your favorite Servers and Channels and manage your IRC Clients with ease
– You can import our list of popular Channels and Servers
– You can import your favorite Servers, Channels, users, commands, scripts, plugins and favorite plugins or scripts with ease
– You can manage your accounts in the native Windows system tray icon
– You can unzip files directly to local drives
– You can run the program in the background
– You can always come back to the program quickly and easily
– You can view logs in our custom built-in viewer
– You can open an external window
– You can edit the contents of a selected file with the same settings as when you are editing the contents of an external window
– You can focus a selected window while having another open
– You can share your current Internet connection among selected client

Ole IRC Client 2.11.4

Connect to the open source chat system,

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a connection-less protocol. In order to send something to one another, you must always follow a procedure called “handshake”. You can observe the handshake in action between you and another user in their channel by typing /who on their channel.

The functionality of Ole IRC Client is based upon the official Gnome IRC client called pidgin. If you do not use it, you must create account in Gnome IRC clients it will be activated.

The program looks like a normal client except that unlike the normal client it has the ability to connect to IRC servers that is not part of the standard network.

You can connect to servers which allows you to use a maximum of 100 channels at the same time. You have several options how to start a connection. You can specify the server by name, or URL, host, and port which is a number, or you can enter the IP address of a server manually.

If you don’t want to use the standard nickname, you can enter your own nickname. At least six characters are required. The correct nickname can be seen in the status bar at the bottom of the application.

You can enter your current chat status and the channel you are logged in.

You can also enter the channel and server you want to use, specify the topics you want to subscribe to and the keep alives you want to have.

You can also set how many people you want to see in the channel, the minutes when you want to be automatically logged out, whether to automatically join when the server is online, and to enable or disable NickServ for security reasons. You also can add more options by entering them into the menus.

If your PC hangs or you want to disconnect from the server you can simply choose from several methods. 

You can delete the connection, disconnect from the IRC server or start a new connection.

The program has many function to help you join a channel. You can join a channel by typing /join followed by the channel name or /join #channelname. The server uses the nickname (or host) you specified.

If you type /list you will see all channels on the server which you are connected to. You can enter the channel you want to visit with /join channelname.

You can also query the channel name. When you are in a channel

What’s New In?

* Just installed? Check this tutorial about installation and settings.
* From your message box you can press “Help->Tutorial” to get help when you are new.
* You can see channels you are connected to, channels not connected to, users, channels you are banned from, etc.
* Because we all use Microsoft Windows system, we support only MS Windows system, not Mac OS X or Linux.
* We made good efforts to minimize the size of package, so you can download the program without much trouble.
* To start a call you need to press hotkey CTRL+J for connect and CTRL+K for send. When you have finished with the call, press CTRL+L to disconnect.
* If you want to send a file, press hotkey CTRL+N for send file, then select the file to send.
* To send you can use any method: Drag&Drop, OpenFileDialog or from Explorer.
* You can use RSS feed to get the news from our website.

What’s New:

* Basic Linux installation on Raspberry pi.
* Added API API for more shoutcast servers.
* Changed nickname.
* Fixed chat message bug.
* Changed some visual styles.
* Fixed some mouse problems.

I have found two programs that I would like to highlight for potential new users:


* Converted from X-Chat IRC Client (Cats).
* More than 100 bug fixes since X-Chat.
* Stream Audio Source if built to support it.
* You can configure which list shows when you don’t have your local news item yet.
* You can configure which output device plays a file.
* You can listen stream audio from several channels at once.
* You can listen stream audio from several channels at once.
* You can receive and send files, paste images and images from clipboard.
* You can listen to YouTube, Twitch and Yandex videos in real-time without any problem.
* You can reconnect to your previous IRC session.
* If you are able to build Cinnamox-X yourself, please donate to the developers.
* If you still have problems with Cinnamox-X, please, write us your reports and bug reports.

Ole IRC Client:

* Video Player application that supports many media formats.
* Supports RTSP, DLNA, QuickTime and


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: AMD Athlon X2
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DX11-compatible video card with 1 GB dedicated
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Processor: AMD Athlon X4
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
There are six players and seven maps in the new Vietnam map. This is the


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