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.Earlier this month, I moderated a panel on the state of scholarship, teaching and learning in higher education at the ACTAL conference in Stockholm. The panel, “Applying Post-Qualification Research: The Role of Universities in the Developing Countries”, brought together two of the most relevant new figures working in this space, Prof Maurice Glasman from the University of Amsterdam and Prof Munyaradzi Gwisai from Makerere University. Addressing questions around the relative values of established universities and of the non-formalisation of university education, the panel was particularly attentive to the challenges that the formal and non-formal education sectors face in post-colonial Africa. Now that the conference is over and the papers and presentations are posted online, I’d like to share with readers what I said (and didn’t say) at the event. This was an interesting and promising session on applying post-qualification research in the developing world. Dr Alem Alem’s Abstract: The concept of the “University” as a purely formal academic institution for the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, is based on a colonial Euro-centric system of higher education that lacks the socio-cultural diversity and the intellectual freedom that other systems of higher education have afforded in the past. As a way of addressing this colonial legacy, I have begun the non-formalisation of the University of the West Indies (UWI). This process entails the application of university principles to the communities in which I teach. My objective for this presentation is to detail the outcomes of my experiences applying the concept of “the university” to non-formal education within the University of the West Indies. The concept of the “university” is primarily as a formal, academic institution of higher learning. I aim to show that this traditional concept ignores and/or dismisses the academic achievement of the majority of the Jamaican people, who have historically been excluded from this formal academic institution. I would argue that the “university” is a concept that has found its way into the Caribbean through colonization. This, in turn, has led to the overall exclusion of the Caribbean. My objective is to begin to re-envision the university for a more inclusive, better functioning, and more culturally relevant institution. In this session I will explore how open education has been challenging the traditional university model, and will consider how open education can contribute to the

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