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Roblox is a developing company that was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. They were inspired to make an online platform that facilitates the creation of user-made content. Instead of simply taking advantage of existing ones, they wanted a platform that could actually allow people to make their own content for other people to experience, such as games, movies, and other media. The site currently has over 164 million monthly active users, making it the fifth most popular website in the US, by traffic. When David and Erik launched Roblox, they initially focused on creating only games. They have continued to release new products and features, such as Roblox Studio, a content creation environment that allows users to create entire games, and the brand new Roblox VR platform, which allows users to experience games in virtual reality. The company also launched their own virtual world in 2016, rebranded from MoveIt in 2018. A large part of Roblox’s growth has come through the use of in-game purchases, starting with a virtual currency called Robux, which can be bought using real money. A portion of the games in Roblox are free and without these in-game purchases, Roblox is unable to keep its servers running. Roblox is currently free to play, but once users reach a certain amount of Robux, they can then purchase virtual items with real money. Examples include the ability to delete ads, remove in-game cookies, and hire developers to help create content for their users. The company has also built a rewards system that allows users to earn Robux for free that can then be spent on in-game items. In August 2016, the Roblox Premium membership service was launched. This is designed for premium members to unlock more levels, more resources, and greater access to content. In 2018, Roblox launched the Roblox Studio, an app for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web devices that lets users create their own interactive stories, games, and experiences. It provides everything needed to create a visual application, such as screens, sound effects, animations, and scenes. Users of the app can then use it as a fully self-contained game development studio that can be played by anyone on any device. The app was built for the Unity engine, which allowed the game engine to be used on all platforms. Roblox partnered with Microsoft Studios and HP to provide game development training to users of the


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A: Roblox uses a virtual pay to win mechanism. You can purchase in-game items that give you an advantage in the game, but there is also in-game currency that you can earn, essentially giving you a free way to gain in-game advantages. Every item has a price and when you purchase an item, you have to do some work for the company. The company then decides how much it wants from you for that in-game currency. If they give you in-game currency for your item and you were willing to spend $50 to $100, you could get around $20 worth of in-game currency. There are no free robux. Even if you spend $50 to $100, the company is giving away $20 to you. They have invested that much into their game. They would not give away free robux. CHICO — P.B.C. Commissioners took the first step Wednesday toward a series of tax breaks that could eventually net the city a windfall. In a unanimous vote, the board unanimously approved the Chico Economic Development Authority (CEDA) to move forward with a proposal to grant a 100 percent property tax exemption for property improvements to a 5,100-square-foot commercial property owned by Bemis, located at 4302 Central Ave. The move could cost the city between $180,000 and $270,000 annually, if an agreement is finalized. The exemption, the CEDA’s first time to consider, would become effective Jan. 1, 2017. “If we have an agreement with Bemis, it will provide a significant boost for the development of downtown Chico,” said outgoing CEDA member Barbara Kudlac. “This is a big deal for the city. If we have no agreement, then CEDA is not the economic development agency of choice in the city.” According to a report by City Attorney David Rynders, if the city does not agree to give Bemis the exemption, the existing operating agreement, signed between Bemis and the city, calls for a 25-year 50 percent property tax exemption on improvements to the property, ending on December 31, 2026. The City Council will be expected to determine how much of the city’s property tax revenue would be set aside for such an agreement in the 2016-17 fiscal year, which starts July 1.


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