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•Allows you to easily plan your travel route using different mapping services. •Allows you to easily plan your travel route using different mapping services. WizWagon is a powerful and handy utility tool that can be used for taking a screen snapshot, sound recorder, webcam manipulator, image editor, handy calculator, file shredder, Wi-Fi analyzer etc etc. The main window has four tabs, ‘Shots’, ‘Sounds’, ‘Control’ and ‘Advanced’. The ‘Shots’ tab shows the tabs that form the main window. As for ‘Sounds’, this tab allows you to select the sound format you wish to use as well as the sound recorder quality you wish to opt for. The ‘Control’ tab enables you to enter the microphone and camera as well as to calibrate the screen capture settings. Finally, the ‘Advanced’ tab is where you find the following tools: Take snapshot The ‘Snapshot’ button serves as a screen capture tool, displaying a popup window the next time you click it, allowing you to choose the screen area you wish to take a snapshot. The snapshot can be saved in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format, as well as in.PDF. You can drag the Snapshot window around as well, to manipulate the snap shot accordingly. For a more convenient use, you can use the Screen Capture Shortcut, which is accessible through the ‘Shortcuts’ menu item. Recorder The ‘Recorder’ button can be used to record video or audio clips in.MP3 or.WAV format. The recorder can also be used to record both sounds and video at the same time. The window allows you to select the duration, the bitrate, sample rate, recording resolution and the audio level. Moreover, you can record the audio from the system as well as choose the microphone that you want to use, among others. Check your WiFi The ‘Check WiFi’ button allows you to check your wireless network, as well as that of the current location, to see if there are any problems. Simple calculator The ‘Calculator’ tab includes a simple calculator, allowing you to do the basic operations. You can change the number base in the ‘Base’ drop-down menu. A Web browser The ‘Web’ tab is where you will find the built 2f7fe94e24

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Easy Route Description: – Simple to use, you will be able to get the hang of it in just a few minutes. – Friendly interface with a clear, concise and user-friendly design. – Can be used to avoid tolls. – Can be used with several online mapping services (Google Standard, Bing, Google Classic, Yahoo!). – Can list the cities in the order of the distance between them. – Automatically adds personal notes. – Supports saving itineraries and sharing them over the web. – Available for free, almost instant download. – Works in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Triestart is a small freeware application that lets you record mouse clicks. Triestart Description: Triestart Description: You can tell your computer who you are by logging in, answering questions or saving personal information. Your computer history is automatically saved, so it is easy to leave your computer working and go home. Npp2Tweet is an enhanced Twitter client for Windows. Npp2Tweet Description: Npp2Tweet Description: Npp2Tweet is a Twitter Client Software for Windows with a Windows Phone-like user interface that allows you to send Tweets, Mention users, including your own, who are already connected to a Twitter account. It can be integrated with the Twitter account and to synchronize your Tweets with your existing Twitter account. This program can change your desktop wallpaper in two ways. It will show the wallpapers every few seconds. It will even let you decide on how many seconds you want the wallpaper to be shown, making your desktop more interesting, thanks to the snazzy appearance and features this wallpaper changer offers. You will be surprised with the amount of options offered by this program.2017-07-12T06:15:43Z we did last year, I’m spending the week talking about internal combustion engines. This is particularly timely in light of the fact that the Manhattan Institute, a public policy think tank, has devoted an entire issue of its Journal of Transportation Policy and Management to the subject. The issue is titled, “Essays on Engine Technology.” It includes

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Cities in your browser with distance, distance and more Search cities on Google, Yahoo and Bing Plan your traveling itinerary with or without notes Create Travel Route Export to HTML, XML, TXT, JPEG and PNG Save your Travel Route to the Internet Share your Travel Route with your friends and family Subsequent to a rather rapid and uneventful installation, you can get started with the application right away, as it is so easy to handle, you will get the hang of it in just a few moments. The main window allows you to input the start point and the destination, listing the results in the side-panel, along with the distance between locations. Plan your traveling itinerary and save the information to your PC To begin with, you will need to input the starting location, specifically the city and country, for easier identification on the map, then choose from the available options, if several exist. Next, you can enter all the other cities that you wish to pass through, the last being the destination. To remove an entry, you can double-click it. As for the mapping service that you wish to use, Easy Route enables you to choose between Google Classic, Google Standard, Bing and Yahoo!. You can resort to your default web browser or the built-in one, the latter requiring however that you run the program using your administrator privileges. The tool helps you avoid tolls and highways, as well as add personal notes for each entry. Easy Route will displays the cities in order, including the distance between each one and the total distance, in kilometers. The ‘Map’ button will display the corresponding itinerary in the chosen browser, allowing you to save it to you computer as TXT or URL file. However, bear in mind that the created file will only contain the information displayed in the ‘Itinerary’ window of the utility, and not the actual map. A simple travel route maker To sum it up, Easy Route is a handy application that can spare you of having to write your travel itinerary by hand, when you can just create it automatically and save it to your PC or share it with friends and family over the web. Easy Route Description: CGSpotlightNow is a free application that allows you to monitor all the online weather conditions, as well as some of the most important daily information using the Internet. In addition, you can also track the forecast for the next 24 hours and the next 7 days,


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