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In a world of growing frustration and anxiety it is time to unite and find solutions to the human predicaments. Humanity is facing issues such as our vast population, over exploitation of our Earth, pollution, and war. But most importantly, we don’t seem to be able to find a solution to the problems that we are facing. So instead we are getting angry, and on the brink of extinction. It is time for us to look to the past in order to understand who we are, what we do, and how we live. In order to really understand the world we are living in, in this game, the idea is to go back to history and actually dig it out. In order to do that, you have to solve puzzles and find hidden objects. These hidden objects are related to specific moments of history, and make you think about what you were doing when that event occurred. So you get clues as to what the past was like. The first level of the game is like a movie. You are in a documentary or a TV show. You will be in historical places such as the Empire State Building, the Titanic, Orchardson Tower, and more. You will see how people really lived their lives. In order to solve a puzzle, you will have to do a lot of research. Within this historic environment, we also have a space and time travel mechanic. We go back to the past, through time travel, which you have access to with each new hint. At the end of each level, you will have the opportunity to stop time, travel to the future, and explore the world that you have created. Also, we have the concept of a “Kill code”. You can kill some NPCs in the game and clear out a level. This gives you the freedom to explore the levels that you want to. Also, you have a bunch of characters to play as, each with their own story. In order to clear levels, you will have to hunt down and kill specific characters. In addition to that, each puzzle can be solved in multiple ways. So you will constantly be discovering and changing your approach to the puzzles. Character stats are fully developed. You will have a different approach to solving the puzzles with each character. Finally, on each level there will be an objective, in order to collect history materials, and solve puzzles. What Makes This Game Unique: –


Duloga Features Key:

  • Addictive game play, original turn based game ‘skruenad tursness’ – take off with a heavy leather hang glider and try to reach the finish line (the moon!) before any of your opponents do
  • Realistic physics of paragliding – wind, hills, downs and even gravity effect play into the finishing line
  • Casual & skill classes system – you can choose any combination of class – weighted by each class influence, the class to finish quickly is calculated differently by your actual skill level
  • Small yet interesting turn based game mechanics – every maneuver you make are calculated based on physical realism of the aircraft – up to 100 degrees of curvature and left or right slide possible
  • Selectable planes – 5 unique planes with their own characteristics play to decide to win or to play it safe
  • Powerups to recover lost and damaged fuel
  • Manual:

    • English
    • Dulogasmanual.pod (French)
    • Dulogasmanual.rtf (plain text)

    Dulogas SDK:

    All documentation for the Dulogas SDK and sample game player ‘skruena nórkimiśtí’ (Russian) are available here

    Duloga 2:

    • Addictive game play, friendly interface, original turn based game ‘skruenad tursness


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      Duloga is a production of the game maker company Snail Games. Made specifically with the player’s experience and feelings in mind, this game focuses on a girl discovering just how much she loves her body. Duloga: There’s something about being fat. I’m ashamed of this body. People stare. Boys, at a physical level, feel that this body is inferior. Yet, I’m, somehow, superior. I can’t shake this feeling of shame. Duloga: There’s a lot of talk of ‘fat acceptance’, but not much actual acceptance. Duloga, shows you what you like. And what you don’t. It brings this shame into the light, but also gives you permission to love your body and find some power in it. “Duloga is a game about exploring one’s body and its associated privileges. Duloga is a game that exposes our privileges and how they protect our own self-interested survival.” Miguel de Dios Duloga: You look up women’s clothing labels to get a hint of the shapes people wear. We’re given permission to unbutton that blouse and have that line of cleavage out in public. No one disapproves. It makes me so happy. Duloga: I love to watch you. I love the way your arms shoot out for a hug. How your chest rises and falls like a puppy with a fit of laughter. How you clutch my body in tight, squeezing away your guilt and shame. Duloga: The furor around ‘fat’ is completely out of hand. ‘Fat’ is a weight. Fat is a texture. Fat is just a word for being lazy. Fat is for those living unhealthy lifestyles. Duloga: When is the last time you woke up, feeling good about yourself? Now, who, besides your mother, has ever said they think you look cute? Now, who, besides your cousin, has ever complimented your body? Duloga: In fact, there’s no other word. None that comes close. Duloga: Yes. I love my body. I’m proud of this body. This body belongs to me. It’s an expression of my mood and d41b202975


      Duloga With Keygen

      Available. You can be a judge of what you see in the gameplay and judge for yourself. New episodes and new things to play. We have a new subdomain. The domain is video The key game number is 2. Play the video link below and save the play of the game to the forum. Part one of the games is made. And I see the size of the image is not as big as I think it is. I think it is less than 2Mb. The save game file should be less than 2 Mb. Without that, it is impossible to play the game. The main problem is to make the save game more than 200 Kb. Or we can just play the video file. I made a new computer on which I can play more smoothly than before. I try to play videos in both IE and FF. In IE, I used to get the error: Player can’t read html. While I use Firefox. In Firefox, I used to get some errors like: Access to script from origin ‘null’ has been blocked by CORS policy: First of all, I want to thank you for all the amazing games you have been bringing to light these past years. I’ve followed the series for years and always been in awe of the production and creativity behind the series. And here I am, finally playing the episode… I swear it took me a minute to get the games to work, but I managed to save, load and play it. Anyway, so far I’m enjoying the journey and, for all those on my side of the group, I know you will too. 🙂 I don’t know much about the story of the show but I can already tell this is the kind of game where you won’t want to reach the end. Can’t wait to play the rest. (sorry, forgot I can’t write with my phone. English is not my first language.) Thank you for the wonderful game and the novel. I can’t wait to get more info to investigate (I am right now on a ship) and find out about a lot of things:) I’m looking forward to the finale. I hope this will get the attention and the translations that it deserves. Thank you! Thank you


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