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A collection of gambling courses for everyone. Browse my courses below to get started earning an education in the online gambling era. Club Online USA Casino (COUC) is where I tech gamblers how to play casino games

Comparing Internet Casinos

With 20 years of experience in cyberspace you can use COUC's casino database rankings system to search and discover information about each casino's brand reputation, payments history, customer support time, bonus wagering requirements and the like.

101: Intro to gambling online

This is your classic 101 beginners course and the main starting point for everyone just beginning their gambling studies. It covers sports betting, poker & casino gambling. Its also touches on alternative gaming options from social casinos to esports.

Suggest a Gambling Course

COUC looks for new topics that we feel are important to a gambler's development and would love to get your suggestions for gambling courses that you think we should teach.

Effective Video Poker Strategies

Video poker machines are superior to slot machines because players are able to utilize well known and proven video poker strategy for each type of video poker game.. You also get an introduction to online video poker gambling from a professional's perspective.

Blackjack Advanced: How to count cards

In this course I teach advanced level card counting strategies and card counting techniques not commonly discussed on the internet.

The Journey to Mobile Gambling

While online casinos have been around more than 20 years mobile casinos have been here less than 10. This course explains the evolution of mobile gambling. It outlines some key competitors in the mobile betting space and forecasts future industry growth.
Course Prerequisites: 101 intro to gambling online.

It involves a great deal of pain if you don’t treat gambling like most people do. The good news is only a small percentage of people have a gambling problem. The bad news,  however, is that for people that do have gambling problems beating the addiction can be a major challenge. Some say that gambling addiction is even worse the drug addiction. I must agree with that notion.

Don’t take the subject lightly. You need to be aware and practice responsible gaming. This still applies to whatever scenarios you might present. 

NJ is one of the more popular places in the United States where people gamble at online casinos for real money. 

New Jersey casino players are able to get help for gamblers from

Club Online USA Casino (COUC) is a gambling community with social groups for you to create, socailize and learn new gambling methods.