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Multi-Account & Multi-Domain:
Control several email accounts and domains, each having its own separate unique settings, and even its own separate set of addresses.
Set up unlimited users who have mailboxes on multiple domains, which will work independent of one another.
Protect your email addresses with email address spoofing (obfuscation), and more.
Perform Anti-Spam measures.
Perform feature compatibility checks for messages or recipients who are using the mta that you send them mail with.
Respond to mail feedback requests from internal and external organizations.
The CommuniGate Server may be used on its own as a stand-alone email server; and it can be integrated with other POP3 mail servers and Office clients.
Content Filtering:
Control incoming mail on your system with a very powerful content filter engine.
Filtering, blocking and blacklisting will help to protect your server from unwanted traffic.
Protection against virus and spam, blocking of hotlists, and more.
Anti-Spam Message Filtering:
Reject incoming mail when certain conditions are met. Incoming mail is filtered so that no email is left unanswered.
Add a message to your Spam or Junk folder that contains information about the sender’s IP address, so that you will know to what extent to allow this individual’s email into the Inbox.
Option to provide client software.
The ability to add an email address to the blocking list, which removes a mail address from the mailboxes of the server.
Determine, according to your own rules, whether emails should be accepted or rejected on the basis of sender address, the destination address, the SMTP protocol, the size of the message, or other criteria that you determine best.
Perform Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (POP3) standard protocol compatibility checks to determine whether messages are valid or not.
Send large or extremely long messages more efficiently.
Send messages to remote recipients, either by ZIP or MIME.
Initiate the sending of messages in the background, so that the user’s focus stays within their Outlook client.
The ability to choose among several E-mail clients: Windows, macOS and unix.
FTP Access:
Control remote access to files on your server.
Provide access to remote files on your server.
The ability to select upload and download ports.
File Attachments:
Use the ability to add attachments to your

CommuniGate Pro Crack + Free Download

IP Multihoming: Allows the system to act as a single point of contact to communicate with two IP networks without compromising security.
(VNP) Virtual Network Provider:
With IP Multihoming, you can communicate with two different ISPs using one IP address for your server.
(VBR) Virtual Broadcast Router:
Create a virtual network on an ISP network that you can implement by using 1+1 NAT and UPnP.
Extended SMTP service.
(GMTP) GMTP Server:
Gmail and Google Talk service for an extra charge.
(POP) POP3 Server:
For incoming e-mail service.
(IMAP) IMAP Server:
For incoming e-mail service.
(IMAP8) IMAP8 Server:
Secure IMAP service with the new 8-bit SSL/TLS service (TLS 1.2) protocol.
(Mailboxing) Mailbox Database:
CGP handles your inbox messages, keeps a history of your IMAP mailboxes for reports and statistics.
(ImapFetch) ImapFetch Server:
Fetch remote messages from exchange servers.
(Received): Received mail messages.
(Sent): Sent mail messages.
(Mailq) Mailq Server:
Maintains a queue of messages to be delivered or sent at a later time.
(Storage) Message Storage:
Real-time message storage service.
(Cache) Message Cache:
Improves performance by storing messages in memory for faster processing.
(Edit) Message Editor:
Allows messages to be edited using document templates.
(Mail) Mail Client:
Send and receive messages with IMAP e-mail clients or Eudora.
Note: Requires a CommuniGate Pro for Client package.
(App) Application Client:
Allows messages to be displayed in a variety of applications.
(Web) Web Client:
Allows messages to be displayed in the web browser.
(Network) Network Client:
Used to retrieve messages from remote mail servers.
(Upnp) UPnP Client:
Allows UPnP devices to access, modify, and exchange information.
(Receivex) Receivex:
Data from user-selected application can be passed to CGP via this mechanism.
(Porta) Porta:
CGP provides SMTP service for a variety of application with

CommuniGate Pro Crack + Download

1. Multi-domain support with and without IP multihoming, multi-mailbox accounts and shared mailboxes, Internet mail exchange service using the ESMTP protocol.
2. Multiprotocol servers and clients, including HTTP, HTTPS and FTP (v2) support.
3. Multiple mail/group filters; users can be associated with 1 or more mail filters.
4. Groups of mail administrators (GA) and mail service administrators (MSA).
5. Call back scripts that are triggered by user actions.
6. Direct e-mail to the mailbox.
7. Anti-spam mechanisms using the Data Source, Anti-Spam Policies and the Content Filter.
8. Encrypted e-mail transport, e-mail compression/decompression (optional); its size is less than gzip.
9. SMTP relay support, POP3 IDLE support (optional), and POP3 with automatic access to the mail repository (optional).
10. Outlook to CommuniGate Pro synchronization; back and forward mail box support.
11. Domain name management; users can be assigned a local domain with FQDN addressing, a sub-domain with no FQDN address, or a combination of both.
12. Standardised interface for LDAP and ad-hoc queries with the LDAP filter language.
13. POP3 access control lists (ACLs); users can be assigned the same ACL as an external group.
14. Global URL configuration; users can be assigned a local URL suffix (i.e. a sub-domain with no URL suffix or a combination of both.
15. Suitable for a large internal network with hundreds or thousands of users; from small offices to large corporations.
The Comparison Features Table is used to compare the CommuniGate Pro Server with other systems available on the market today.
The Comparison Features Table presents a brief description of the features that are described in this section of the instructions, in the order that they appear in the comparison table. This helps users to quickly find the features that are most important to them.
When viewing the Comparison Features Table, you should understand that the features of one product are not necessarily present in all products.
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System Requirements:

• Minimum:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Disk Space: 800 MB
• Recommended:
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Disk Space: 1.5 GB
• Windows 7 Recommended:
OS: Windows 8

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