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The Elements

With Photoshop Elements, Adobe made another attempt to bring a less expensive program to market. Adobe needed to make a true “stripped-down” version of Photoshop and used several methods to accomplish the goal.

First of all, as with previous versions of Photoshop, Elements includes powerful and sophisticated image-editing tools that are easy to use, but are somewhat limited compared to Photoshop.

The program includes 20 different tools that can be used to edit images. It supports layers, masks, styles, adjustment layers, filters, gradients and special effects. It has many plug-ins as well as a simplified, built-in plug-in library.

Photoshop Elements 3.0 and Elements 3.5 include many additional image adjustment tools, including exposure, shadows, highlights and black-and-white levels.

Adobe Elements also allows for creating your own adjustment layers that will affect the entire image or just an area of an image. This enables you to make non-destructive adjustments.

For instance, if you have an image that’s a bit over- or under-exposed, you can change the exposure in one adjustment layer instead of making a ton of individual changes to the image.

Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements use a raster-based editing system that supports transparent layers, and provides a variety of editing and viewing tools. In many cases, layers are used to change or mask areas of an image.

An adjustment layer lets you change or mask the color or brightness of an entire image, whereas a transparency mask can control or mask an area of an image in such a way that you can see the area, without affecting the rest of the image.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.5 also includes other improvements in the way that Photoshop Elements handles certain file types. For instance, it can open.eps file types.

The Many Uses

The use of photo editing software is becoming more pervasive. Although Photoshop remains the industry standard, users are finding that Photoshop is sometimes too complex and expensive to use on a day-to-day basis, or they are concerned that they might be limited in the type of work they can do on a particular image.

With Photoshop Elements, you can use the program for non-design purposes as well. For instance, you can use it to improve video clips, digitize images from slides, do simple retouching and other photography or video editing tasks. You can even

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Version 17 Crack Free For Windows

(Image credit: Adobe)


Photoshop Elements has the following tools:

Vector/Sketch Tools

Some of these tools work with most graphical editors and so this article will cover them broadly. However, Photoshop Elements is not a vector editor. Vector editors modify the editing attributes of paths, shapes, and text. So, they may not understand how to control Photoshop Elements or may not provide the same control.

The different graphical layers in Photoshop Elements are not editable. They are digital pictures that are put together to form an image or text. The elements can be edited or even merged together to provide more control.

If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can import your designs and generate the new elements. However, if your design does not look the way you want it to with the tools, you will need to create some new elements and redraw or change the attributes.

(Image credit: Adobe)

These tools and methods should be used for making more complex designs.

Direct Selection Tool (Magic Wand)

The magic wand tool allows you to move, copy, and delete objects from a photo. Simply click and drag to select objects. Click and drag to move them. Double-click to delete them. Click on a selected area and drag to do something with it.

You can delete, copy, and move areas of an image to a different location.

Select an area of an image using the magic wand tool. Hold the ALT key (Windows) or option key (Mac) while you drag to create a selection of that area.

(Image credit: Adobe)

You can:

Move an object.

Copy an object.

Delete an object.

Double-click an object to select the entire area.

(Image credit: Adobe)

You can select objects of the same color.

Click and drag to select an object. Then hold down the SHIFT key while you click again on the same color.

All objects of the same color will be selected.

Select objects of multiple colors in the same image.

Hold down the SHIFT key while you select objects. It is OK if objects of different colors are selected.

You can select objects of a specific type, such as people, buildings, or vehicles.

(Image credit: Adobe)

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