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Being patient

Photoshop takes a long time to open. Because you’re often modifying an image, it’s no surprise that a few minutes pass while Photoshop reads your image. If you’re in a hurry to start experimenting, it may be a good idea to prepare a test image or two ahead of time.

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Download Photoshop Elements 2020 for free

Furthermore, Photoshop Elements 2020 comes with a lot of new features and improvements.

Besides this, let’s read below to know more about the new Photoshop Elements 2020, some of its exciting features.

• Tagged Photos:

This is a new feature in Photoshop Elements 2020.

With it, you can use the colors in the camera roll and retouch your image with the name of the photos.

It’s great for people who use those photos as your stickers, avatars, banners, or anything else.

• Night Mode:

Another new feature in Photoshop Elements 2020, this feature includes quick adjustments to lighten, sharpen or blur your subject in the dark.

This feature is easy, quick and convenient to use.

• Smart Fill:

This feature helps you save time by letting Photoshop Elements automatically use the colors in the surrounding area of the image to copy or replace those colors in the retouched image, allowing you to save time and effort.

• New Merge Layers:

With the help of this feature, users can merge multiple images or pictures together.

• Advanced Pattern Mask:

This feature lets you mask content with a pattern, then create patterns from the masked content and apply the patterns to other content.

• Glowing Patterns:

You can create glowing patterns on your images which changes your image content with a new visual look.

• New Icons:

It comes with some new and colorful icons to use with its features.

• New Elements:

With the elements in Photoshop Elements 2020, you can add more elements to your images.

There are a lot of new elements in this version, including Crystalline Backgrounds, Glowy Icons, Diamond Pattern Icons, Spooky Text and more.

• New Media Layers:

Images can be linked to a media file and assigned to a Smart Object.

• New Filters:

You can apply many new filters to your images in this version.

• New Layers:

You can use many new layers including Dynamic Filter Layers, Duplicate Layers, New Gradient Layers, and more.

• New Audio Layer:

You can hear sounds in Photoshop Elements 2020.

• New Branding:

You can add logos to your images.


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Now that you have learned about the basic features of Photoshop, it’s time to see how they can be used.

1. Brush Tool

The Brush Tool is located next to the Rectangle Tool on the toolbar. The tool allows you to apply a number of styles to an object. Brush styles are often referred to as “pens.”

For example, you can use the Brush Tool to apply a soft pencil, a hard pencil, or a diluted textured brush to your image.

2. Fill Tool

The Fill Tool is used to add fill to your images. It is available in two different modes: black and white and color. Use the black-and-white mode to add black to a color area, and the color mode to add color to a black-and-white area.

When you use the Select Color Tool to highlight a color, Photoshop also highlights that area.

3. Pen Tool

The Pen Tool allows you to draw lines, ellipses, and arrows in an image. These shapes are useful for drawing, like, a border around an object or adding a frame around an object to give it a more 3-D look.

Use the Pen Tool to draw outlines around objects and place text in an image.

The Pen Tool does not always create lines, which you can create by typing w to toggle between the line and rectangle shape.

4. Shape Tool

The Shape Tool is the tool you use to define the shape of a drawn object. You can use the Shape Tool to create polygonal or polyline shapes. The polyline shapes are similar to the guidelines you see in the Design Center of Adobe Illustrator.

5. Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool, also known as the Magnetic Lasso, is useful for making selections.

Instead of using a mouse, you can use the Lasso Tool to hold down the Command key while you click in the image. The area that you selected will not be included in the selection. You can then drag over other areas to select them as well.

6. Magic Wand

The Magic Wand tool is a free-hand selection tool. It allows you to select an area of an image based on the colors that are in that area.

Use the tool to select an area based on its color. You can also modify the shape by using it to create shapes or ellipses.

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